The Lower Silesia Monument’s Miniatures Park has been established in Kowary in the neighborhood of a carpet factory. The goal is to create a euroregion information centre. Visitors of the Park have the unique opportunity to get familiar with monuments reproduced precisely in 1:25 scale.

  • 58-530 Kowary, ul. Zamkowa 9
  • tel. +48 75 75 222 42, +48 661 699 699
  • Open daily:
  • 09:00 - 16:00
The Park

We present to You The Park of Miniature of Lower Silesia’s Monument, which has emerged in 2003 year in the area of old carpet factory that is not working today . Our purpose is present to You the most beautiful Lower Silesian’s monuments and service to You as press center of Euroregion.

Royal Palace Mysłakowice

Palace"Spiż" Miłków

By visiting our Park You will see perfectly made models of castles, palaces, monasteries and city-halls from our region, all is made in scale 1:25, besides model of Karkonosze with Śnieżka mountain (1602) because which gabarits required bigger scale, 1:50. Miniatures have been made by assistance of newest modeler technique, at use of whether proof so it can stay outside all season.

Lesser Basilica Krzeszów

Castle Czocha

In price of ticket there are guide, toilets and parking

We prepare for You parking that can contain on 150 cars and 4 bus. They will be as assistance at enhanced touristic traffic parking boys , which will take care of comfort and safety of parking.

Rollas Royce Rally

Valet on a Segway

Guides will take care of You when enter to the Park. During walk between monuments they will acquaint You with fascinating history of our region and antiques. The guides have knowledge about history and archeology and the will entertainment by telling legend about cruel Kunegunda from Chojnik Castle, countess from Palace Spiż which deam about internal youth and excentic king that build his palace in the shape of steamboat. All of that and even more in only 45 minutes.

Guide Mateusz

Guide Ania

Flowers and wicker figures are completing the landscape excellently

Walk with guide in park of miniature it is not the end, it is only a beginning of adventure. The picket if for whole day so if You came at 10:00 You can stay till 18:00. In the most beautiful corners of the park we put a benches for example with view on fountain, next to basilica from which is flowing John Sebastian Bach music. Every think is completed with flowers compositions.

In case of a rainy weather You will be provided with umbrelas

Wicker figures are enriching the landscape

We invite You also to park’s café. In hot days we serve refreshing ice cream deserts with chocolate and coffee frappe . During coolest days, we serve hot chocolate and aromatic coffee which smell spreads thought whole café. For little ones for which sweetness is newer to much we have , ice sorbets. We offer places in building when is cold and outside under bare sky between miniatures.

Ice cup

Ice dessert


One of the most important attractions during vacation are souvenirs. In this matter we won’t disappoint You. We have a lot’s of guidebooks about region and maps. The little ones can find puzzle 3D made of wood, models of tanks made of metal, statues of Liczyrzepa and miniatures od Lumpi the dog the hero of our park.

Hand made figures

Brochures, toys, mascots


Local dainty

Beside café we have opened for you Bistro, in which You can find homemade hot-dogs, hamburgers, potato chips, water, drinks, czech beer and waffles with crème and fresh fruits the symbol of vacation. Beside we prepare for you seats and tables so you don haw to hurry.

Silver and flax

The newest thing in our park in Store “Polish and Czech souvenirs . We cooperate with czech factory of wood toy so we can offer to You often unique toys with fames “Mole”. We have magnetic theatres, yoyo, magnets on cooler, musical boxes and many others. For lady’s we prepare big choice of pillows, bread containers and silver.

See You in Park of Miniatures

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