The Lower Silesia Monument’s Miniatures Park has been established in Kowary in the neighborhood of a carpet factory. The goal is to create a euroregion information centre. Visitors of the Park have the unique opportunity to get familiar with monuments reproduced precisely in 1:25 scale.

  • Kowary, ul. Zamkowa 9
  • Open daily:
  • 09:00 - 18:00

On the cover of the April issue of the monthly "Silesian Today", one of the most prestigious journals dealing with architecture and culture of Lower Silesia, you can see Mr. Piasecki standing in the courtyard of the palace of Bad Muskau. The special feature is, that this is the courtyard of the miniature Palace from our park! This miniature will be one of the main attractions at the upcoming tourism fair KONVENT'A 2015 in Löbau.

In this week we could also visit our friends in the underground city Osówka. Some employees of the park had the unique opportunity to go to the basement of the complex "Riese" and learn interesting story.

Regarding the upcoming Easter holidays we wish you health and happiness, lots of spring sunshine and pleasant hours with your loved ones.

We invite you to an Easter walk in our Miniature Park in Kowary.

It is time to advance clocks by one hour. Our internal clock must adjust to that, even though we theoretically still get up at the same time. And although modern watches switch automatically, it is still common to manually advance some watches in many households. Here in the Miniature Park we have 38 watches (including a sundial)! At this point we would like to also remind you that as of April 1st, the Park is open every day (including holidays) until 18.00 o'clock! If you spend the Easter holidays in the Polish Giant Mountains, we sincerely invite you to us!

This weekend spring arrived in our Park. Although the temperature is not too high, winter is gone for good. This means that Easter is soon! Our Park will be open as usual, except Easter Sunday from 12:00 o'clock. So everyone has time to enjoy their Easter breakfast. We sincerely invite you to spend your Easter holidays with us!


When you click the link you can watch a video of the opening ceremony of our newest miniature - the Castle of Bad Muskau. Watching the photos, you can also compare the miniature with the original and will realize that every little detail was perfectly realized by our model builders.

Tomorrow is Women's Day. On this special occasion, we present something that probably all women dream of! (The results of our studies on this subject have not been completed, so we are not entirely sure). It is of course a foghorn! It sends audio signals when visibility is poor to help ships navigate. The presented Foghorn is a gift for our younger sister, the Miniature Park of the Polish Lighthouses in Niechorze and will be able to be admired at the Baltic Sea soon. It was unveiled at the presentation of the Palace of Bad Muskau and can still be seen at the entrance to the Miniature Park in Kowary!

On Monday, 02/03/2015 a festive reception took place to showcase our latest miniature: The castle in Bad Muskau.

On this occasion, we welcomed among others:
The Mayor of Bad Muskau, Andreas Bänder,
the Mayor of Kowary, Bożena Wiśniewska,
and the District Administrator of Görlitz, Bernd Lange.

Andreas Bänder and Bożena Wiśniewska cut the opening ribbon in front of the Palace together and thus the first season of the Miniature Bad Muskau began in the Miniature Park of the Lower Silesian Monuments. The ceremony was presented by Marian Piasecki (owner of the Miniature Park). The premiere of the model was also a good opportunity to talk about the goal to promote the region of the Lusatian Neisse.

On the pictures below, we document the events and present some snapshots from the eight months in which the miniature was created. Now you can enjoy our newest jewel daily in the Miniature Park in Kowary!

A Lower Silesian newspaper has selected our Miniature Park in Kowary as the most beautiful one in all of Poland.

St. Valentine cares not only about the lovers. He is also a patron of the crazy people. Many believe that the line between love and madness can be very fluid. Those, who became mad with love, we wish a Happy Valentine's Day!

The Park is open for our guests seven days a week throughout the year. For this reason, the weather is our business partner. On sunny, warm days, our Park is a paradise on earth. On days when it rains or snows, our hall provides protection and spreads the flavors and scents of our Coffee Shop and the soothing warmth of the fireplace. That is why we have put together a gallery with photos of our Park from the four seasons. We hope you like it!

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