The Lower Silesia Monument’s Miniatures Park has been established in Kowary in the neighborhood of a carpet factory. The goal is to create a euroregion information centre. Visitors of the Park have the unique opportunity to get familiar with monuments reproduced precisely in 1:25 scale.

  • Kowary, ul. Zamkowa 9
  • Open daily:
  • 09:00 - 18:00

Already next week the sun will be back again an shine on the Miniature Park. Guests which are exploring our miniatures will get a nice dose of vitamin D. For our youngest guests opened this season a unique playground "Pałacowa Bawialnia"! Here we present the newest attractions:

"CROCO-DILE" - is a mobile, inflatable crocodile! Courageous ones can look into the big mouth and ... count the teeth.

PADLERKI - a children's pool with small boats.

RETRO BUS - a unique vehicle in the style of the 20s, where we serve home-made dishes made with fresh, quality ingredients. Burgers, salads and other dishes that will tantalize the taste buds - opening ... SOON.

CAFE - a "zone of peace" in the "Pałacowa Bawialnia", which is frequently used by our older guests. The café is outdoors, while providing plenty of shade to relax over a cup of coffee or a refreshing soda.

For our guests the "Pałacowa Bawialnia" costs with discount only 10 / day

Last week our latest miniature, the City Hall of Kołobrzeg, arrived at the Baltic sea in the Miniature Park of Lighthouses in Niechorze. It is already the 36th model in Niechorze and one of the most impressive. Along with the City Hall came a foghorn, the largest one of the Baltic Coast!

While our modelbuilders "fought" with the City Hall of Kołobrzeg in Niechorze, we got a special guest. Waldemar Skrzypczak - one of the largest Polish authorities in the military field. Former deputy defense minister and commander of the Polish Land Forces in the years 2006-2009, visited last week our Park.

Finally, we want to remind you that we offer a fairytale world of inflatable castles and palaces right next to the Miniature Park! Impressive inflatables in different variants are waiting to be conquered by your children.

We are open daily from 9am 'till 6pm!

Officially we have summer and holidays ...! Finally! Ahead of us are hot summer months full of attractions. Despite the very warm weather our Park is bursting at the seams. Now we look forward to the first tourists who will spend their free days in the Giant Mountains. For all our guests this season we have two new, unique attractions: a playground with bouncy castles (for children) and next to it a Café (for the slightly older one). On hot summer days you can enjoy refreshments and delicious, freshly brewed coffee.
So you already see now, how beautiful it is in our Park in the summer, we've put together a gallery of photos from previous years.

Next week it will reach our Miniature Park in Niechorze. It's a really large object, in reality and in miniature - the model is more than 2 meters high and was built by 6 modelbuilders in 6 months.

Like the other miniatures in our Park, it was built in scale 1:10. The city hall looks like a medieval castle, with a huge open courtyard. A great miniature to take vacation pictures.

Now a few photos of the construction phase of the miniature build in our model studio in Kowary.

Last week our Miniature Palace Jilemnice visited for a moment his home. Together with our Czech Park guides, Matej and Roman, the miniature traveled in a stylish gallery in the historic Kaiser-Franz-Josef-Bad to Liberec. Roman and Matej are students from the renowned Garden School, which also designed the plant compositions in our Park.

Liberec is one of the most famous and popular tourist towns in the Czech Republic. It's no wonder that our beautiful miniature enjoyed great interest of tourists and locals in this beautiful city.

During the festival, which took place in the meantime in Liberec, our Park organized numerous contests with prizes for participants. We do not need to mention that they liked that!

After a few days of cold and rain the sunny weather comes back to us! The weather forecast promises a lot of sun in the coming days, like at the beginning of June. This makes us very happy, because on sunny days our Park will be besieged by guests, which like to stay until the evening!

Of course, at nice days our bouncy castles are full of laughing children. The land of inflatable castles, is our latest attraction and was already shown on Czech television. The video can be found at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7zs9BEGlMNE .

We invite all our little guests to our new play area! Exactly on Children's Day, we opened directly next to our Park a new attraction. Anyone who wants can slide, climb or romp on giant inflatable bouncy castles. Numerous tunnels, staircases and slides electrified children from day one and many joyfully squealed they had discovered a "secret passage".
Although designed for the little ones, you could see on the faces of the adults that they too would like to "plunge" into the world of inflatables.
Check out our pictures and you will realize that our bouncy castles were besieged by children from the first day of the opening!

Admission: 9zł / hour, each additional hour: 5 . For guests of the Miniature Park: 5zł / hour.

The bouncy castles can be used during the opening times of the Miniature Park.

Do you have days when it feels like the world is upside down? Surely! We all have sometimes! When visiting our Park, you will come to the conclusion that even a world turned upside down can be very interesting! We present a small collection of photos showing our miniatures in unusual and crazy perspectives. Are you able to recognize them?

The graduates write their final exams, which means that the long weekend in May is over! We would like to thank all of you who visited our Park on the weekend. On Friday, it rained but on Saturday and Sunday it was very nice and you could enjoy the sunny weather. We have prepared some pictures of these days. Even if the long-awaited summer vacation is fast approaching, it is worth to stop a moment and think about the beautiful days in May.

At last warm days! In the afternoons, the smell of coal and fried sausages on the grill is already in the air. On the long weekend, there is hardly a better place to enjoy the free days than our Park. We offer lush green lawns, pleasant fragrant flowers, rippling, relaxing water and unique Miniatures of some of the most beautiful sights of Lower Silesia! The whole weekend, from 1st to 3rd of May we are open for our guests from 9.00am until 6.00pm. Our Café and Bistro will be in a constant state of readiness so that we can immediately still the hunger and thirst of our visitors!


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