The Lower Silesia Monument’s Miniatures Park has been established in Kowary in the neighborhood of a carpet factory. The goal is to create a euroregion information centre. Visitors of the Park have the unique opportunity to get familiar with monuments reproduced precisely in 1:25 scale.

  • 58-530 Kowary, ul. Zamkowa 9
  • tel. +48 75 75 222 42, +48 661 699 699
  • Open daily:
  • 09:00 - 18:00

Half of the holiday is already over, but in our Miniature Park it won't get quieter.
In the first half of the holiday we already had a lot of visitors. This makes us not only proud but also motivates us to keep on working hard in the second half of the holiday so our visitors will have an enjoyable and exciting time.

We are open daily between 09:00am - 06:00pm.

The feast "Assumption of Mary" is this year on a Monday, and thus offers the opportunity for a long weekend. Like every year, the Miniature Park and the Park of Bouncy Castles will be open on this holiday. In our Café we offer delicious coffee and wonderful desserts and for gourmets we have our BURGER BAR.

Daily from 09.00 to 18.00.

This year we are again very happy with the number of tourists who visit our Miniature Park during the holidays. Almost every day we have new visitor records!
People enjoy our new miniatures as well as our "Pałacowa Bawialnia" - "Park of Bouncy Castles " with its many child-friendly attractions, but look for yourself: FILM PAŁACOWA BAWIALNIA

We are open daily from 9:00 to 18:00.

Finally time for the long-awaited holiday. The weather is fine and there are no signs that this will change. We invite you to the sunny Giant Mountains! The Miniature Park and the Park of Bouncy Castles are open daily between 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. We also have a Burger Bar that serves juicy burgers with fresh meat, and a Café in which you can enjoy aromatic coffee.
In our Park of Bouncy Castles we offer lots of fun for the little ones as huge bouncy castles or a pool to go boat riding.
If your pet is traveling with you, it's also Welcome!
Enjoy a holiday full of adventure!

The second season of our newest attraction has just begun - PAŁACOWA BAWIALNIA - Park of Bouncy Castles. This year we have even more castles so more to jump, slide down - simply more fun! Our outdoor Café offers coffee, cakes, ice cream, fresh juices, and above all a perfect place to watch the youngest children play.

Daily from 9:00 to 18:00.

This year the calendar is very good to us. The forthcoming feast of Corpus Christi falls on a Thursday, and thus offers the opportunity to enjoy a long weekend. Our Park will be open daily between 9:00 to 18:00 o'clock. If you have a pet, take it with you. In the Miniature Park of Lower Silesian Monuments in Kowary pets are always welcome!

Like every year at the beginning of May, there is a long weekend in Poland. And like every year, the Miniature Park in Kowary will be open during this weekend everyday from 9am to 6pm. Only here you can admire the most beautiful monuments of Lower Silesia in scale 1:25. Included in the entrance fee is an English tour through the Park. After that you can explore the Park on your own and enjoy the spring-like weather with an aromatic cup of coffee. We look forward to you!

The work on the construction of the castle Frýdlant are in their final phase. The individual parts of the model are already merging into a single one outside the Miniature Park in Kowary. During the long weekend in May, the miniature will be on display in all its glory, along with the stations of the narrow-gauge railway on the Baltic Sea. These stations were built for our "Sister-Miniature-Park" of the Polish lighthouses in Niechorze, but will spend the "long weekend of May" beside the monuments of Lower Silesia.
On the long weekend between April 30th and May 3rd, we welcome you every day between 9:00am to 6:00pm.

April is one of those months where you can admire the unique nature of the Giant Mountains. At this time of the year the mountains are still covered in frost and snow, but the valleys are already green. This results in a unique blend of alpine landscapes, depending on whether you look from the highest mountain down to the valley or from the valley towards the summit. In addition, the warm air brings nature back to life, which is also visible in the Miniature Park in Kowary.

We would like to thank all who visited us over the Easter holidays! The weather was very good and so it was easy to enjoy the Miniature Park in Kowary.
Even after the switch to summer time we welcome you daily from 9:00 to 18:00 o'clock.

It seems as if we have just get rid of the Christmas tree and already is Easter around the corner. The latest weather forecasts predict beautiful, warm days. Like every year, the Miniature Park of the Lower Silesian Monuments in Koway will be open. On Easter Sunday (27.03.16) between 12:00 - 18:00. On Easter Monday (28.03.16) normal from 9:00 to 18:00.

We hope the sunny last days are a harbinger for beautiful Easter!

This week we launched our online shop. Now you can easily order items from our gift shop.
In our Miniature Park you will not find the Eiffel Tower or the Statue of Liberty because Lower Silesia is famous for its monuments. Therefore you will find Miniatures of these unique architectural monuments in our Park.
And for this reason, most of the products offered in our shop are linen and porcelain: This is what Lower Silesia is famous in Europe. We are proud to offer these high-quality products in our online shop.

Here is the link: http://sklep.park-miniatur.com/

The magic of modeling relies heavily on bringing to mind a duel vision. The task of each model is to convince the brain that it looks at a familiar object, although in reality it is the faithfully reproduced replica. By this, it opens us the door to a completely different reality.
Suddenly, we can see the world from the perspective of birds flying above buildings. We can hold subjects in our hand which, in reality, our muscles would not be able to hold. We can move between places known to us at a rate which we could not dream of, or watching giant butterflies landing on the roof.
All this makes the imagination jump to a higher gear and begins to sharpen our senses. This way we can recover memories of our childhood, when we played with small dolls or toy soldiers. Or move into the future in which drones will be able to look in every nook and give us a view from any perspective.
Convince yourself and visit our Miniature Park.
Open daily from 9:00 to 17:00.

Early tomorrow morning a short documentary about the Miniature Park of the Lower Silesian Monuments in Kowary will be broadcasted in Polish television on "Polsat News". Much of the documentation has been dedicated to the work of our Model Builders, so there is an opportunity to discover the secrets of our Architecture Studio. We are pleased that the team of reporters enjoyed the time in the Park, accompanied by Mr Marian Piasecki (owner of the Miniature Park). And as we expected, the biggest surprise for the journalists was the "gold train". The train and many other exhibits and miniatures can be admired every day from 9:00am 'till 5:00pm!

Like every year on the feast day of St. Valentine many lovers visited our Park. Those who visited us could enjoy the beautiful weather. In the morning it was raining lightly but that brought two beautiful rainbows and in the evening the clear sky allowed to enjoy a magical sunset in the Giant Mountains.

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