The Lower Silesia Monument’s Miniatures Park has been established in Kowary in the neighborhood of a carpet factory. The goal is to create a euroregion information centre. Visitors of the Park have the unique opportunity to get familiar with monuments reproduced precisely in 1:25 scale.

  • 58-530 Kowary, ul. Zamkowa 9
  • tel. +48 75 75 222 42, +48 661 699 699
  • Open daily:
  • 09:00 - 18:00

The sun is getting warmer from day to day and replaces the freezing cold. Perfect conditions for a trip to the most beautiful monuments in Lower Silesia. We welcome you in our Miniature Park.

On March 8th we celebrated the Women's Day in our Miniature Park. During a cozy "tea party" our ladies received a beautiful flower and a pair of tights.

The Giant Mountains are now awakening from its winter sleep. Our park was greeted by warm sunshine and our miniatures shone brighter than ever. Is that even possible? See for yourself!

Although the winter is still controlling our region, we invite you on a journey through Lower Silesia. In our air-conditioned and heated hall, our miniatures feel very comfortable and enchant our visitors. The cozy atmosphere invites you to stay and you can enjoy the detailed models.

We are open daily from 9-17. Welcome!

Most people in Lower Silesia are currently struggling with the snow and icy roads. In the Miniature Park the snow produces a wonderful atmosphere. We present castles and churches covered with a mantle of snow. A photographer's paradise. Only here you can experience Książ Castle in all its glory or admire the Minor Basilica in Krzeszów with snowy towers. Especially for you, the park is open during the winter. Daily from 9:00 to 17:00 clock. We cordially invite you!

A delegation consisting of Jaroslava Hyjánek - Director, Tomasa Hajnyša - Chief Marketing Officer and Zdenéka Hefka - Specialist for the Development of Polish-Czech relations visited our Miniature Park. One reason for visiting was a future collaboration.

Our team of model builders is already halfway done with the miniature of the Cathedral in Kamień Pomorski. Since the cathedral contains Gothic and Romanesque style elements it was quite a challenge to implement the many details of the original. The selected scale of 1:10 allows to see and admire even the smallest detail. The planned presentation of the miniature will be in May 2013. We cordially invite you!

Make a loved one a memorable gift and join us on February 14th for Valentine's Day in the Miniature Park. After a romantic and informative tour in our park you can enjoy a hot chocolate at our fireplace.

We cordially invite you!

Right now there are winter holidays in Poland. The miniatures are primarily located in the hall and after a walk through the park you can enjoy our delicious coffee and hot chocolate.

We are open daily from 09:00 to 17:00.

Of the hundreds of wonderful places in our region, the readers of the Wrocław newspaper "Gazeta Wrocław" chose the Miniature Park in Kowary as the best tourist attraction in Lower Silesia. On December 10th, 2012 the owner of the park, Marian Piasecki, received the award "Odkrywanie Dolnego Śląska 2012" (engl. Discovery of Lower Silesia 2012).
Below are some photos of the ceremony.


Despite the cold and the snow it is always nice and warm in the Miniature Park. After a short walk in the fresh air, you can enjoy our cozy warm fireplace with a cup of coffee, a hot chocolate and a delicious cake. We invite you to our park!

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