The Lower Silesia Monument’s Miniatures Park has been established in Kowary in the neighborhood of a carpet factory. The goal is to create a euroregion information centre. Visitors of the Park have the unique opportunity to get familiar with monuments reproduced precisely in 1:25 scale.

  • 58-530 Kowary, ul. Zamkowa 9
  • tel. +48 75 75 222 42, +48 661 699 699
  • Open daily:
  • 09:00 - 16:00

On Monday, November 14th, we experienced a special event of the century: Supermoon. That night, the moon was very close to the earth and seemed particularly bright. The Miniature Park observes the phenomenon through a telescope, which is actually intended for the visitors to admire the Śnieżka mountain. Suddenly an aircraft of the Czech airline emerged before the moon, creating the unique images.

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